Hi, I’m Rayron Timotheus Ramoan Tombran. 
(But Just “Ray” is ok)

I’m a seasoned Creative with a wide range of experience. Specializing in creating brand identities, experiential marketing, social content, strategy and art direction. A proven leader, doer, teacher and student, I've come to appreciate the journey and I am continuously learning. Educated in the schools of Advertising and Design and growing as an illustrator, you’ll find my combined skills are ideal for any project.

Based out of Toronto, I’ve worked with some great global brands (RBC, Google, Nespresso, Pepsi, J.P Wisers, TIFF and Air Canada to name a few) My roster of 50+ brands I’ve collaborated with lends to my  spectrum of insights & knowledge. I’m happy to forward my resume as well as respond to any other question you may have.

Let's connect! 

Chat soon.

Chat soon! - Ray
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